Swing Preferences | 挥杆偏好


Set Up | 预备
The posture of the body is critical at set up – poor body angles and positions go a long way to creating most of the problems in golf swings
身体的姿势在预备中十分重要 - 欠佳的身体角度和位置将在挥杆中引起大部分常见的问题
The posture approximates the angles of a good impact position (without the rotation of an actual swing). It allows the arms to hang freely and if the sequence of motion and swing radius are correct you can get the look of a turn and a weight shift without overturn or lateral motion – both of which generally cause problems with wrist angles, shaft plane, club face angles and complex match up moves on the downswing.
预备姿势于良好的击球位置十分接近, 它允许手臂自由悬垂, 并在正确的挥杆顺序和范围中得到合适的转动和重心转换, 避免转动过度和侧移动 - 大部分成因是由于手腕的角度, 杆身平面, 杆面朝向, 以及下杆时复杂的补偿动作
Swing Radius | 挥杆范围
Increasing the radius of the swing is one of the biggest problems we see. Extension directly and negatively affects wrist angles, arm positions, shoulder angles, head angle, direction of weight shift, shaft plane, club face angles – creating a series of changes that have to be compensated for in the downswing.
增加挥杆的半径是我们最常见的问题. 直接的伸展对手腕角度, 手臂的位置, 肩膀的角度, 头的角度, 重心移动的方向, 杆身角度, 杆面朝向的负面影响 - 造成下杆时一系列的补偿变化 
Weight Shift | 重心转移
We prefer weight shift to move around the spine angles established at a neutral address position,Lateral weight shift, be it with over active knees and feet, hips or the whole body has huge and normally poor effects on arm, shaft and wrist positions in the backswing and again it requires complex matching moves in the downswing.
重心的移动应围绕中性预备姿势的脊柱角度, 侧向的转移重心会使身体过度活跃, 上杆过程中将影响手臂, 球杆, 手的位置, 下杆时要求更多复杂的弥补动作击球
Turn | 转身
Maybe the most misunderstood concept in the game. Our preference is for the arms to pull the body around a maintained spine angle established by a good address position. A large range of motion is available from the shoulder joints separate to your torso. The look of a 90 degree turn can be accomplished with less than half that at your sternum.
转身的概念在这项运动中是最多被混淆的。我们偏向于用手臂带动身体按设定的脊柱角度围绕运动,并保持准备时身体应有的姿势。大幅度的运动是由肩关节分离躯干完成的, 但胸骨的转动不到一半, 造成视觉上90度的转身效果

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